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RR Autograph Auction Steve McQueen Insurance Archive

RR Autograph Auction Steve McQueenArchive of documents related to McQueen’s life insurance policy through US Life, two signed by McQueen, consisting of approximately 110 pages dated between 1968 and 1981, from McQueens’s initial application to the insurance company’s payout to his agency, Guild Management. Contents are loosely bound with metal clips in a 9.25 x 11.75 manila folder. In overall fine condition, with expected document wear.

First document is part of McQueen’s application, signed “Steven T. McQueen,” one page both sides, 8.5 x 12.25, February 5, 1968. Document lists McQueen’s occupation as “Actor,” and includes a detailed medical history report signed by his doctor.

Second continues his application, signed “Steven T. McQueen,” one page, 8.5 x 11.25, March 15, 1968. Document lists’ McQueen’s occupation as “Actor-Executive,” and requests a “4 Yr. C & R Term” insurance policy in the amount of $200,000.

Balance of the archive consists of internal memos and documents, as well as correspondence between McQueen’s agency and the insurance company both before and after his death. US Life expressed concern about his dangerous racing activities, and many inquiries were made into these before approving the policy. One letter addressing these concerns, dated February 8, 1968, in part: “He made it very clear to me that he no longer participates in any kind of racing, either professional or non professional, nor does he intend to again participate in any races. He was very definite in that he has given up this hobby. He does ride his motorcycle occasionally for pleasure purposes only…the studio has also been very vocal in discouraging him from racing projects…Most important his wife discourages him from racing.” Also included is a lengthy typed report on McQueen produced by the insurance company, three pages both sides, 8.5 x 11, February 13, 1968, which details his driving record, drinking habits, career, and finances. This report, in part: “For a number of years, Mr. Steven McQueen had had a reputation for fast and reckless driving…in the past couple of years, Mr. McQueen has slowed down his driving…As of 2-18-68, Mr. McQueen has been in San Francisco, and is starting the shooting of a new picture called ‘Bullitt’ in which he will play the part of a San Francisco Policeman…In a preceding picture, known as the ‘Great Escape,’ there were several scenes showing hazardous motorcycle riding, however, we learned that Mr. McQueen was active only in the close-up shots, and the hazardous portion was done by a Mr. Bud Elkins.” Also includes a copy of his death certificate from Mexico, and a statement for the payout in the amount of $204,233.66 to his management company.

With a reputation for fast and reckless driving, motorcycle racing, and heavy drug use, Steve McQueen was not the ideal candidate for a large life insurance policy in the eyes of his insurance company. This fascinating collection offers the official documents and evaluations, retelling the information that McQueen gave in his interviews with the agents, as well as several internal memos. “He’s back to racing, including a closed track (Riverside 200), and has been trifling with marijuana…(in a recent look magazine article, his wife described him as “crazy as hell.”) We’ve marked our records, do not reinstate,” writes one agent. Despite their reservations, the company maintained his policy, paying out a final amount of over $200,000 upon his death at age 50 from a rare form of cancer. A one-of-a-kind collection holding two crisp signatures from the Hollywood legend. RR Auction COA.

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RR Auctions Katharine Hepburn Philadelphia Story Signed Photo

RR Auctions  Katharine HepburnGlossy 8 x 10 full-length photo of Hepburn in her Oscar–nominated role as Tracy Lord, signed and inscribed in person in black felt tip, “A Pierre, Katharine Hepburn, Philadelphia Story, 1941.” In fine condition, with slight rippling to the upper edge. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA


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RR Auction Joe Frazier 1984 Passport

RR Auction Joe FrazierFrazier’s personal passport, number E474304, issued on March 12, 1984. Passport measures 3.5 x 5, and contains his printed personal information on the third page, signed at the bottom “Joseph Frazier.” Affixed on the adjoining page, opposite the personal information page is Frazier’s 2.25 x 2.5 passport snapshot, which bears an embossed State Department seal over top portion. Frazier has also filled his address and emergency contact information on the inside front cover, listing Florence Frazier as his contact. Inside pages bear visa stamps from London, Trinidad and Tobago, and New York. In fine condition, with mild rippling and expected handling wear. Pre-certified Steve Grad/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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RR Autograph Auction Clint Peoples Engraved Smith and Wesson .44 Special Hand Ejector Double Action Revolvers

RR Autograph Auctions  Clint PeoplesA pair of silver-plated and engraved Smith and Wesson .44 Special Hand Ejector Double-Action revolvers with mother-of-pearl grips, carried by famed Texas Ranger Clint Peoples. Peoples was born in Bridgeport, Texas, in 1910 and wanted to become a Texas ranger from an early age. His law enforcement career began in 1930 as a deputy sheriff for Montgomery County, Texas, after which he was appointed as a special Texas ranger. He then held positions as a chief deputy constable, chief deputy sheriff, and a Texas highway patrolman, before being appointed as a Texas ranger private on November 30, 1946. Later he served as captain of Headquarters Company from 1953 to 1957, and captain of Company F from 1957 to 1967. He became senior ranger captain in 1969 until his retirement in 1973. That same year he was appointed the US Marshal for the Northern District of Texas by President Richard Nixon. A hardcover book by James M. Day titled Captain Clint Peoples: Texas Ranger, Fifty Years a Lawman is included with these revolvers. The book covers Clint’s early life and details his many encounters with miscreants, hardcases, and other Texas notables. The book is signed and inscribed by Peoples to the mother of the consignor. Also accompanied by two identical original signed affidavits signed by Clint Peoples’s wife Donna Peoples attesting to each gun’s authenticity, an original laminated May 9, 1972 letter from Smith & Wesson to Clint Peoples referring to these exact guns and referencing them by serial number, and an original September 11, 1973 letter written to Raymond Brown presenting him with the here-offered pair of guns and signed by Clint Peoples.

The revolvers are engraved similarly and at first glance appear to be identical. They both have full engraving coverage in a well-done leafy scroll with each having small vignettes of a running buffalo, a stag in a woodland, and oddly, a stone bridge over a waterway. Both are engraved on the backstraps in script with “Clint Peoples,” over “Senior Ranger Captain,” in block lettering. Both revolvers have 4″ barrels with shrouded ejector rods.

Revolver serial #12975?, has the third locking system referred to as Triple Lock Smith and Wesson. It has service style mother-of-pearl grips with a carved bull head on the right side. This revolver served as the inspiration for engraving on the second revolver, serial #32586. This revolver’s engraving differs only in that a Texas ranger badge is engraved on the side plate instead of the Smith and Wesson monogram. The mother-of-pearl grips on this one are not carved. This revolver is signed under the grips by deceased Master Engraver Frank Hendricks, who became the first president of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America. This revolver has an unnumbered barrel, otherwise both revolvers have matching numbers on the metal parts. Both revolvers function well with the bores having very good rifling and minor fine pitting. The silver-plating has tarnished to an attractive blue/black with areas of light wear showing bright silver. The plain mother-of-pearl grips have a tiny chip at the heel in the left side and the carved grips have a tiny chip at the same spot with a hairline crack at the butt.

Although guns like these served many Western lawmen for serious social work with the criminal element, they were also popular accessories for rangers to wear to social events like barbecues where they tried to impress their friends and neighbors. Clint Peoples died in an automobile accident on June 22, 1992.

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RR Auctions Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson Signed Document

RR Auctions Marlon Brando and Michael JacksonDS, two pages, 8.5 x 11, September 7, 2001. Incredible document arranging for Brando to “appear at the Michael Jackson Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration shows at Madison Square Garden…Jackson agrees to pay Brando in cash or cash equivalent…the amount of One Million Two Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($1,002,000.00) in lawful money of the United States of America.” Signed at the conclusion in black ballpoint by Brando, “Marlon Brando, Sept 7 01,” and signed and initialed by Jackson, “Michael Jackson,” and “MJ.” In fine condition, with staple holes to the upper left corner and expected document wear.

Held at the Garden on September 7th and 10th in 2001, the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special was a star-studded two-night event marking the artist’s thirtieth year as a solo performer; the concerts were filmed and subsequently edited down to a two-hour special, which aired on CBS in late November. Costing up to $5,000 a ticket, both performances sold out in just five hours, ringing in a Boxscore total of over $10 million dollars in sales. As arranged for in this document, Jackson’s longtime, close friend Marlon Brando appeared on the second night of the event, giving a lengthy and dignified speech about humanitarian work—unfortunately, it received an unenthusiastic reaction from the crowd and was cut from the television broadcast. An extraordinarily rare document connecting two of the world’s greatest entertainers—and most famous friends—celebrating a landmark year in the legendary pop musician’s career. Provenance: Marlon Brando’s business manager and lifelong companion JoAn Corrales. RR Auction COA.


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RR Auction Sigmund Freud Signed Photo

RR Auction Sigmund FreudVintage matte-finish 6.5 x 8.75 photo of Freud with his hand on his hip and a cigar clenched in his other hand, by Max Halberstadt of Hamburg, affixed to its original 9.5 x 11.5 mount, inscribed in fountain pen on the mount, in German, to Marie Bonaparte’s oldest son Pierre, Prince of Greece Denmark, and dated 1932, and signed on the portrait “Sigmund Freud.” Poor contrast to Freud’s signature, otherwise fine condition. 

Marie Bonaparte began treatment with Freud in 1924, well before she became a noted psychoanalyst herself. Using methods that by today’s standards would be considered highly unorthodox, Freud grew very close with his patient during their twice-a-day sessions, building a friendship that would last for the remainder of his life. In 1938, financially struggling to obtain an exit visa to escape the Nazi takeover of Vienna, Freud was rescued by Bonaparte who made the necessary funds available for he and his wife and daughter to leave; after briefly visiting with her in Paris, they moved into their new London house, an arrangement also made possible by his royal friend’s status. This stunning photograph, arguably the most famous and widely recognized image of the doctor, holds incredible value as it is inscribed to Marie’s son, Prince Peter (“Pierre”) of Greece and Denmark. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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RR Autograph Auctions Rolling Stones Signed Wood Finish Fender Squier Tele Electric Guitar

RR Autograph Auction Rolling StonesWood-finish Fender Squier Tele ‘telecaster-style’ electric guitar, signed on the body in black felt tip by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood, and on the white pickguard by Billy Wyman and Charlie Watts. In fine condition. Oversized. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL and RR Auction COA.


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RR Auctions Thomas Jefferson Ink Franking Signature as President

RR Auctions  Thomas JeffersonInk franking signature as president, “Free, Th: Jefferson, Pr. US,” on an off-white 2.5 x 1 slip clipped from a free frank. Mounted to a slightly larger slip, then matted and framed with an engraved portrait to an overall size of 11.75 x 17. In very good condition, with intersecting folds, one vertical fold passing through a single letter of the signature, and some scattered toning and soiling, slightly affecting the beginning of the signature. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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RR Auction Neil Armstrong NASA Aircraft Clearance Form Signed

RR Auction Neil ArmstrongDS, signed twice, “N. A. Armstrong,” one page, 8 x 12.75, June 25, 1964. NASA Aircraft Clearance form for Armstrong and co-pilot Captain J. F. Stegall, out of the Port Columbus operations office. The trip began at the Port Columbus Airport and finished at Ellington Air Force Base in Texas. Report, filled out in another hand in pencil, lists the flight route, mileage, transponder code, and equipment used. Near the bottom, in the remarks column, Armstrong writes, “Request radar vector climb on course,” and signed as the flight’s pilot, “N. A. Armstrong.” He signs again at the bottom, in pencil, “as the flight’s clearing authority.” Also, at the top of the document, on the Operations Office line, Armstrong has added, “(N. A. A.).” Torn punch holes to top edge, a central horizontal fold, and a couple of creases to bottom portion of page, otherwise fine condition. Armstrong had been selected for the astronaut program in 1962, and would make his first space flight two years later on Gemini 8 in 1966. Armstrong item with any direct relation to flying are quite uncommon, with this example even more so bearing two signatures. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.


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RR Autograph Auction Rolling Stones Vintage Ballpoint Signatures

RR Autograph Auction Rolling StonesVintage ballpoint signatures of of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts on an off-white 5.75 x 7.75 lightly-lined sheet. A central horizontal fold passing through sections of the Richards and Jones signatures, and light toning to borders, otherwise fine condition. Signatures were obtained in Holland on March 26, 1966, when the group arrived in the country to play a concert at Brabant Hall, The Hague. Accompanied by two unsigned original snapshot photos of the band disembarking from their airplane upon their arrival at Airport Schiphol on the same day. Pre-certified Roger Epperson/REAL and RR Auction COA.


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