RR Auctions Apollo 11 Two Adjoined Velcro-backed Cue Cards

14 May

RR Auctions Apollo 11Two adjoined Velcro-backed cue cards from the Apollo 11 mission. First card measures 2.5 x 8 and is headed at the top, “EMS–AV to 7000 fps, Boost,” and starts at T -3:00, continues to lift-off, and ends at “11:50 Insersion.” This card is signed at the top in black felt tip, “Buzz Aldrin,” and signed again on the reverse with the confirmation “Flown to the Molon, Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI.” Attached to the bottom of the first card is laminated 2.5 x 8 cue card, printed primarily in red, headed “Mode 1,” and “Mode II–III–IV,” with both modes starting with “Abort.” In fine condition, with some scattered light toning and soiling.

The cue card details contingency abort activities (automatic and crew initiated) during the critical boost phase of flight from launch through earth orbit insertion which would allow the crew to effect an early return or achieve orbit in the event of a critical launch vehicle or Command Service Module (CSM) anomaly. The card addresses four abort modes. Mode 1 (enabled up to 19 miles altitude) leveraged the Launch Escape System (LES) to separate and ferry away the Apollo Command Module from the booster, Mode II (after jettison of the LES) utilized the Service Propulsion System (SPS) and Command Module Reaction Control Engines (RCS); Mode III (Contingency Orbit Insertion or COI) employs the Saturn V third stage (S-IVB) and Mode IV uses the SPS to achieve CSM orbit in the event the S-IVB is unable to do so.

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