RR Auction Apollo 17 Lunar Rover (LRV) Schematic Signed Gene Cernan

18 May

RR Auction Gene CernanIncredibly important and rare flown Lunar Rover (LRV) Schematic carried on the lunar surface under the module pilot’s seat of the rover. The double-sided schematic is printed on a 10.25 x 8 sheet of heavy cardstock, with one side showing a diagram of the electrical system up to the drive control, with the reverse showing the communications system from the battery to the high and low gain antennas. Signed at the top of one side in blue felt tip, “Carried on the lunar rover on Apollo XVII, Gene Cernan, Apollo XVII CDR.” In fine condition.

Accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity from Gene Cernan, which reads, in part: “This is to certify that the accompanying Lunar Rover (LRV) Schematic from the LM Lunar Surface Maps book was carried on the lunar rover while we drove them Moon during our EVA traverses in the Valley of Taurus-Littrow…While on the Moon, Harrison (Jack) Schmitt and I drove the lunar rover during our exploration…We had a LM Lunar Surface Maps book specifically intended for use in conjunction with our lunar rover…The maps, as well as this ‘LRV’ schematic were contained in the book which was carried in the rover on the lunar surface. This ‘LRV’ Schematic spent approximately 22 hours and 3 minutes on the lunar surface and was exposed to the temperature extremes and solar radiation within the vacuum of Deep Space. We carried this lunar rover schematic with us…it was kept under the Lunar Module Pilot’s seat during our EVA traverses…it was key to the lunar surface mission. In the event of a system or electric motor failure during one of our EVAs, I would have reviewed the schematic to attempt to repair the rover or transfer electrical power from a failed battery to another working battery…If one of the wheel motors failed, a review of the schematic would have advised me how to transfer alternative electrical power…in order to finish the EVA and arrive safely back at the lunar module…This Lunar Rover Schematic is one of the few objects actually kept directly on the lunar surface and is also a rare example of an astronaut flight certified artifact returned from the moon.”

Apollo 17 was the third and final mission to make use of the lunar rover, enabling the astronauts to traverse greater distances than on foot. The rover for Apollo 17 also carried unique experiments, including the Traverse Gravimeter. An absolutely outstanding lunar surface artifact which fortunately never had to be used. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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