RR Auctions Several Strands of George Washington’s Hair

01 Jul

RR Auctions George WashingtonA collection of several strands of George Washington’s hair, neatly tied together and affixed by its string with a red wax seal to a handwritten note from James A. Hamilton, lawyer and US Secretary of State from March 4–27, 1829, and son of Alexander Hamilton from whose estate he inherited the hair, one page, 4.5 x 3, dated September 17, 1870. Note reads, “The above is the hair of General George Washington ‘The Foremost man of all the world.’ Presented to Mr. Charles I. Illious by James A. Hamilton.” Also accompanied by a short note of provevance from Anne H. Wharton, author and founder of the Colonial Dames of America, dated November 1919. Mrs. Wharton writes:This lock of General Washington’s hair came to me from my aunt, Mrs. Charles Illius, prior to 1900.” Matted and framed with an engraved portrait of Washington to an overall size of 12 x 20. A supreme example, and highly uncommon as it came from the estate of his protégé, Alexander Hamilton, who served under him during the American Revolution and went on to become the First Secretary of State in Washington’s Administration. It can be surmised that this lock of hair was a gift from Washington to Hamilton, making it a stellar association piece. RR Auction COA.


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