RR Auction Al Capone Police Photo and eight other associates

27 Jul

RR Auction Al CaponeOriginal 9.25 x 7 silver gelatin photo of Al Capone and eight other associates after their arrest in connection with the Adonis Club Massacre, with Capone standing on the far right of the second row. Pictured are: Al Capone, George Carrozza, Frank Piazza, Joe Howard, Andrew Desso, John Maloney, Sylvester Aggolia, Ralph D’Amato, and John Stabile. Reverse bears the typed names of all pictured, as well as the name of the arresting officer. A noticeable central vertical crease, slightly trimmed edges, repaired tear to top edge, a couple small tears to lower left corner, and some scattered light creases, otherwise very good condition.

Called to New York to take his sickly, young son into surgery, Al Capone took the opportunity to address business issues with former colleague and Brooklyn crime boss Frankie Yale, leader of the Italian Black Hand Gang, arranging the transfer of some hard-to-obtain imported Canadian whisky from New York to Chicago. Following their pleasant business transaction, Yale invited Capone to a Christmas party at the Adonis Social Club, despite the rumored attendance of rival gangster Richard ‘Peg-Leg’ Lonergan, leader of the Irish White Handers; Capone eagerly accepted. Around 3 a.m., when Lonergan’s gang arrived at the club, the lights went dark and chaos ensued. By the time police arrived, the Irish leader and two of his men were found executed, and another shot but still alive. Capone was arrested and charged in connection with the massacre along with six others, despite his assertion that he was just visiting and happened to be sitting as the doorman that night. This incredible, unpublished photo shows Capone among members of both feuding gangs, with White Handers Joe Howard and John Maloney standing by, just one day after the Italians reclaimed Brooklyn. RR Auction COA.

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