Three Pickets of Fencing from the Grassy Knoll

19 Oct

Three complete wooden pickets from the original wooden fence from the top of the grassy knoll which separated Dealey Plaza from the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad yards. Each picket measures 2 x 58.5 and remain nailed to their three wooden cross members, each of which measure 7.5 x 2.25 x 1.5. Accompanied by a copy of a 2013 notarized statement from Stanley J. Szerszen who states, “I…removed three pickets from the original fence at the grassy knoll, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas (approx. Nov. ‘89). The middle picket is identified in a before and after photo. The other two pickets came from a different section of the original fence. I assembled the three pickets on a original horizontal member, leaving all original nails.” Also included are color copies of the before and after photos, with the picket identified. In fine condition, with expected wear and weathering. A theory still contested today infer a second gunman was located behind this fence, with some witnesses stating that they saw a puff of smoke coming from the knoll at the time of the shots. In 1979, the House Assassinations Committee concluded that a fourth shot, which missed, was fired from behind the fence. Arguably the largest piece from the polarizing relic. RR Auction COA.

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