Lee Harvey Oswald Baby braclet and toe tag

28 Oct

Lee Harvey Oswald’s blue and white bead baby necklace, worn by Oswald as a new born at the French Hospital in New Orleans. The intact necklace measures approximately 4.25″ long with his last name, “Oswald,” spelled out in black letters on white beads. Necklace is taped to an 8.5 x 11 off-white sheet, notated at the top by Oswald’s mother Marguerite, “Lee Harvey Oswald, Born N. O. La, October 18, 1939 at ‘The French Hospital,’ necklace around neck for identification, Sent to Mother-Dad at birth.” Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Oswald’s bother Robert, stating the necklace was worn by his brother and the notations on the sheet were done by his mother.

Original tag used to identify the body of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Parkland Hospital morgue, with affixed lock of hair and expected staining. Tag measures 3 x 4.75, with the date, “11/24/63,” the address “1026 N. Beckley,” and the name “Oswald, Lee Harvey” filled in in type. The remainder of the tag has been filled in by Dr. Tom Shires, Chief of Surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital. He writes the time of death, “1307,” “Surg,” for surgery under “Service” and he signs his name, “Tom Shires” in the space beneath “Pronounced dead by Dr.” The “Admitting Office Notified” area has “1310” written beside it, meaning 1:10 PM, and the “Signature of Nurses” section has been left blank. Handwritten on the bottom third of the tag in the space marked “Use Addressograph Plate” is “EOR #25260 / Parkland Hospital / Dallas, Texas.” A lock of Oswald’s hair has been tied to the tag with white thread. This tag was removed by Jay Phillips, a 22-year-old Emergency Ambulance driver for the Miller Funeral Home in Fort Worth, Texas. Accompanied by a letter from Phillips to his parents detailing his trip to the hospital and how he acquired the tag. In part: “We rolled our cot down to the morgue and we were followed by dozens of cameramen. We went into the morgue and got Oswald out of the cooler and on to the cot. As we left we were filmed by every major news agency you could imagine…We then went to the funeral home and we were guarded by the police till we got rid of him…The tag is the toe tag I took off the body.” Also included is Phillips’s 1963 ambulance driver permit issued by the city of Fort Worth and a clipped newspaper article mentioning Phillips retrieving Oswald’s body from Dallas.

In fine overall condition, with some creases and light stains to tag. Provenance: The Pugliese Collection: Guernsey’s, 2008. RR Auction COA.

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