Jacqueline Kennedy hand painted porcelain pitcher vase

10 Mar

Gorgeous hand-painted porcelain pitcher vase originally owned by Jacqueline Kennedy, 14.5″ tall, with a blue circular pattern with areas of larger red highlights, blue borders to the top and bottom edges, and an ornate oversized handle. No maker’s marks are visible, however, the underside of the vase bears a painted blue “L” as well as a painted red “N.” Included with the vase is a 5″ diameter wooden stand. Accompanied by a letter of provenance from John Russell, who states, “I do know she obtained this item sometime after 1975 and her second husband’s death. She brought it to her New York apartment and it was in her residence at Martha’s Vineyard. She put it on a book shelf for a period but as she added books she took it down and then gave it to one of her domestic helpers. I purchased this beautiful piece while Jackie Kennedy Onassis was still alive and living in New York.” Also accompanied by a second letter from Bob Cochran which states that the vase “was in her possession for several years. She gifted this item to a trusted confidant…furthermore this article was with Jackie during the time she helped with the creation of the JFK Library…The person I received it from is a personal friend of Jackie Kennedy and Pat Lawford.” Also included is a copy of the floor plan of Kennedy’s New York apartment, with a corner in the library circled where the vase stood. In fine condition. A beautiful, personal item embodying Kennedy’s famously tasteful decorating sense. RR Auction COA.


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