Flown lunar rover schematic Apollo 16 mission

17 May

Flown lunar rover schematic used on the lunar surface by Charlie Duke during the Apollo 16 mission. Double-sided schematic is printed on a 10 x 8 sheet of heavy cardstock, with three punch holes to top edge for storage in the Lunar Surface Maps book. One side shows an electrical power diagram from the batteries all the way to the drive control, with the reverse showing the communication circuits. Signed on one side in blue felt tip, “This lunar rover schematic was carried aboard our lunar rover by John Young and myself during our drives across the lunar surface: April 21-23, 1972. Charles M. Duke, Jr., LMP.” In fine condition.

Accompanied by a 2014 letter of authenticity from Duke, which reads, in part: “This is to certify that the accompanying Lunar Rover (LRV) Schematic from the Lunar Surface Maps Book was carried on the lunar rover while we drove the Moon during our EVA traverses in Descartes Highland…While on the Moon, John Young and I drove the lunar rover during our exploration. We had a LM Lunar Surface Maps book…in order to navigate across the valley’s surface. The maps, as well as this LRV schematic, were contained in the book which was carried on the lunar surface. This ‘LRV’ schematic spent approximately 20 hours and 14 minutes on the lunar surface…It was kept under my (Lunar Module Pilot’s) seat during our EVA traverses across the lunar surface…We kept this schematic on board the rover during our lunar travels, since it was key to the lunar surface mission. In the event of a system or electric motor failure during one of our EVAs, we would have reviewed the schematic to attempt to repair the rover…This Lunar Rover Schematic has been in my personal collection for forty years since it was presented to me after my return to Earth in 1972.” Pre-certified Steve Zarelli and RR Auction COA.

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