Apollo-era S-IB Output control panel

31 May

Very rare complete Apollo-era S-IB Output control panel used at either the Kennedy Space Center or Mission Control. Panel measures 24 x 17.5 x 5.5, with a “Property of NASA,” label affixed to top left, and a printed label underneath numbered “GP00154A3A1.” Board is divided into four equal sections for the four outboard H-1 engines on the Saturn IB first stage, each with an ‘X’ and ‘Y’ hydraulic actuator, as well as switches to control each engine’s pitch and yaw. This panel was used to indicate gimbaling (the change in angle of orientation) of all four engines on the Saturn first stage. Gimbaling was used to apply directional thrust to keep the rocket on its proper trajectory. The four cathode ray tubes (CRT) displayed the affiliated ‘X’ and ‘Y’ hydraulic actuator deflection for each of the engines to report their health and status to the ground controller. The Saturn IB launched two unmanned CSM suborbital flights, one unmanned LM orbital flight, and the first manned CSM orbital mission (first planned as Apollo 1, later flown as Apollo 7). It was used between 1973 and 1975 for three manned Skylab flights, and one Apollo-Soyuz Test Project flight. RR Auction COA.

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