Apollo 17 Flown Lunar Surface Rock Manifest

17 Nov

Flown double-sided EVA 1 Prep ‘Rock Manifest’ page used by Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt to document their collection of moon rocks on the lunar surface during Apollo 17. Checklist page is numbered 2-1 and 2-2 and measures 8 x 5.5. Side 2-1, detailing the EVA-prep procedure, is labeled “114:55 Cabin Prep EVA 1 (20 Min)” dated “11/6/72,” and certified by Cernan in black ballpoint, “This page bearing lunar dust flew to the lunar surface, Gene Cernan.” Second side of page provides a detailed moon rock collection summary, dated “9/12/72,” entitled “Collection Weight Summary,” and signed by Cernan at the bottom right in blue ink, under an ink stamp reading, “Landed on the Moon aboard the Apollo 17 LM ‘Challenger.’” Moon rock summary covers all three Apollo 17 EVAs, with information filled in by Harrison Schmitt for the first two. For EVA 1 Schmitt notes SRC “32,” Bag “2, 16,” for a total of “48.” For EVA 2, he notes SRC “41.5,” Bag “6, 24,” Bag “8, 35,” for a total of “100.5.” Under the heading “Collection Bag Stowage,” there are four lines including: “1 – Aft Eng Cover (40 # Max): Bag” [Schmitt has written “8”]; “1 – LHMS (40 # Max): Bag” [Schmitt has written “7”]; “2 – LH + RHSSC (40 # Max): Bag” [Schmitt has written “6 LH, 5 RH”]; “2 – ISA (50 # Max): Bags” [Schmitt has written “2, 4.”]. In fine condition, consistent with lunar surface use, and a strip of tape to each of the three punch holes.

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