Wilbur Wright Handwritten Aviation Notes on Photograph Verso

15 Dec

Amazing matte-finish 5 x 4 lightweight photograph of the Wright Glider, labeled on the front by French Army and aviation supporter Captain Ferdinand Ferber, “Wright a Kitty Hawk en 1902,” with extremely detailed notes penned on the reverse by Wilbur Wright, in full: “Oct. 24th E. Slope #2 Hill. An interesting picture of one of a series of glides we made to test the ability of operation to turn to right or left. The machine was started exactly towards our camp which lies to the left of the field of view. When picture was taken the machine was almost at right angles to its initial course. Just after the picture was taken, (in fact the change in the wings is already made) the machine was brought back to a level and landed with the left wing a little the lowest. The picture also shows the inclination of both the ‘Big’ and the ‘Little’ hills with reference to the ocean.” Includes a typed translation in French signed by Ferber, who proved to be a major influence in the development of aviation in France by publicizing the work of the Wright brothers and raising public interest in manned flight. The consignor, an expert in aviation history, notes that this is the first-ever instance of a pilot explaining these types of flight maneuvers in such detail

Pre-Bidding is January 15 – January 21. Live Bidding begins at 3 pm ET on January 22.

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