Albert Einstein Postcard With Self-portrait

18 Dec

Unique ANS in German signed, “A Einstein” on the reverse of a 3.5 x 5.5 postcard picturing the Red Star Liner Belgenland, [near Jerusalem, c. February 5, 1923]. Einstein writes to Zionist leader Arthur Ruppin, in full (translated): “To my dear Mr. Ruppin, We are having unforgettable days in Palestine. With the sun shining, in cheerful company. Your wife is standing next to me and looking at what I am writing about her. She is counting the days until you come back.” Einstein’s writing is below an ANS by Ruppin’s wife, Hanna, which reads in full (translated): “Dear Arthur, A pleasant tour of the city. Included is a picture by Prof. Einstein.” On the front of the postcard, Einstein has added a delightful self-portrait above the image of the ship and signed it, “A. Einstein” below, together with a portrait, also in his hand, of “Frau Ruppin.” Above the drawings, he added, “Jerusalem,” and “Heiligenschein,” [halo], with an arrow pointing to his image. Einstein’s depiction of himself as a rotund, almost comical figure stands in stark contrast to the elegantly dressed “Frau Ruppin” with her stylish hat, shapely figure and umbrella. Light horizontal crease with a minor tear at left margin does not affect the drawings or Einstein’s note on the reverse, minor toned spot below the address line, otherwise fine condition.

Pre-Bidding is January 15 – January 21. Live Bidding begins at 3 pm ET on January 22.

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