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Kurt Weill Autograph musical manuscript 1942 Song of the Free

Eminent German-American composer (1900–1950) best known for such evergreen stage works as the Threepenny Opera, Mahagonny, and Knickerbocker Holiday. A number of his songs, including ‘Mack the Knife’ and ‘September Song,’ take a place among the most durable standards of the 20th century. Scarce autograph musical manuscript, 9.5 x 12.25, six pages on three sets of adjoining musically lined sheets within a 10.25 x 13.25 cover folder, signed and inscribed on the front in bold fountain pen, “The Manuscript of The Song of the Free (The United Nations Anthem), for Gertrude Lawrence as a token of my undying affection, Kurt Weill. New York City, May 30, 1942.” Written entirely in Weill’s hand, the manuscript is headed “Song of the Free by Archibald MacLeish, Music by Kurt Weill,” and contains the music and lyrics of the song in its entirety. Edge tears to the cover folder, and scattered creases and soiling (most significantly affecting the cover folder), otherwise fine condition.

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Thomas Jefferson and James Madison 1805 Signed ‘X’ patent

Partly-printed vellum DS, signed “Th: Jefferson” as president and “James Madison” as secretary of state, one page, 12.5 x 14.5, October 1, 1805. An offical patent issued to “Samuel Bartlett a Citizen in the United States, [who] hath alledged that he has invented a new and useful improvement being a Clay pipe for Conduits.” Neatly signed at the conclusion by President Jefferson and Secretary of State Madison, as well as Secretary of the Navy Robert Smith. The embossed white paper seal and light blue ribbons to the left side remain intact. The second page, still attached by the binding ribbon, contains Bartlett’s own description of the manufacturing techniques used in making conduits out of clay. In fine condition, with intersecting folds (one vertical fold passing through a couple letters of Madison’s signature), both signatures a shade light, and foxing to folds on the second page. A fire in the patent office on December 15, 1836, destroyed a great majority of patents issued by the United States government over the previous forty years. Approximately 10,000 patent documents were lost, with about 2,800 recovered. When creating a filing system for these documents years later, all patents issued prior to the fire were numbered with an ‘X’ prefix—this example designated as ‘X637.’ As an uncommon example of such an ‘X’ patent in its complete and original form signed by two of America’s important early presidents, this is a fascinating document of historical interest. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA.


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Gemini 8 recovery cover signed by Neil Armstrong

Gemini 8 recovery cover with a stamped cachet honoring the two-man spacecraft and its emergency landing, signed in black ballpoint by Neil Armstrong and black felt tip by Dave Scott. The cover also bears a stamped address to the lower right. In fine condition. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli.

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Skylab I Flown Weather Map

Flown world weather map, used in the pre-launch briefing for Skylab I, and carried on board the mission. Color map measures 38 x 13.75, with “Skylab Weather Briefing Chart (NWB) 3, Edition 1 July 1972,” printed in the border, and hand-done felt tip details of all major weather fronts, areas of rain, and high and low pressures done by a NASA employee, with multiple notations in the left and bottom borders. Signed in the right border, “Used at our pre-launch weather briefing and carried in the SL-2 CM during the Skylab I mission. Paul Weitz, PLT.” In fine condition, with previous storage folds. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Weitz, which states that this is “a flown world weather chart…that I chose to bring back to Earth upon completion of our mission…I have signed and inscribed the right edge of the map as flown and it has been in my personal collection since our mission during May and June of 1973.” Also included is a photo of Weitz holding the chart. Launch day preparation included a detailed briefing on the weather, not just of the immediate launch area, but of the entire world. This was necessary due to the possibilities of a launch abort, off-course flight path, or early re-entry, which could have placed the crew almost anywhere on the planet. Fortunately the chart was not needed, and Weitz and his crew spent 28 days in orbit. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli.

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Jean Harlow Signed Oversized Portrait

Rare and exquisite vintage matte-finish 10.5 x 13.5 portrait of the gorgeous Harlow wrapped in a fur shawl, signed and inscribed in the lower right in fountain pen, “To my Ruthie & Johnny, I love you both more than you will ever, ever know—Yours, Jean.” Affixed to a same-size mount. In fine condition, with a crease to the upper right corner. Johnny Hamp, one of the recipients of the photo, was a well-known jazz bandleader of the Kentucky Serenaders, and he and his wife, Ruthie, were Harlow’s close personal friends. A captivating image in the elusive oversized format. Pre-certified PSA/DNA.

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Laurent de Brunhoff Preliminary artwork for Babar Comes to America

Author and illustrator (b. 1925) best known for continuing the Babar the Elephant series of children’s books, created by his father. Four fabulous original preliminary watercolor illustrations for the famous work Babar Comes to America on two 8.25 x 12 cardstock sheets. The first sheet, headed “6. Going to New York,” and signed in pencil, “Laur de Brunhoff,” has a charming sketch of Babar preparing for his trip to New York by exchanging his crown for a black hat, with the second illustration below showing him strolling through an airport terminal. The second sheet is labeled “15. New-York,” with the first painting showing Babar browsing an antiques shop, initialed in the lower corner in pencil, “LB.” Below is the largest illustration, showing the elephant taking in the New York jazz scene, signed in the lower left in pencil, “Laur de Brunhoff.” In fine condition, with tape remnants to edges. Babar Comes to America was first published in 1965 and remains one of Brunhoff’s most popular books. Invited to meet the president of the United States, Babar explores the country’s landmarks on a whirlwind tour that takes him from New York to San Francisco. As vivid illustrations of the classic children’s book character, these are miniature masterpieces. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA.


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Apollo 11 Flown Apollo 11 medallion #190

Historic flown sterling silver Apollo 11 Robbins Medal, approximately 1.25″ diameter, with a raised early design on the face of the iconic Apollo 11 mission insignia, with the eagle carrying the olive branch in its beak. The reverse of the sterling silver medal is engraved with the last names of astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, along with the July 16, 1969, launch date; July 20, 1969, moon landing date; and July 24, 1969, return date. This medal is serial numbered “190.” Condition is mint state. Medal is accompanied by the original case, labeled “190.” Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Dave Scott stating, in part: “I hereby certify that the Apollo 11 silver medallion number ‘190’ included with this letter is from my personal collection and was flown aboard Apollo 11, July 16-24, 1969…After the mission, the Astronaut Office distributed the medallions accordingly. I specifically requested the Apollo 11 number ‘190’ included with this letter.” Remarkably scarce flight-flown mementos such as this—particularly one from man’s first step into a brave new world—are highly prized by collectors. Provenance: Dave Scott.

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