Napoleon Ornate manuscript vellum DS in French Signed

03 Mar

Ornate manuscript vellum DS in French, signed “Napol,” one page, 20 x 13, February 18, 1813. Document conferring the title of Baron of the Kingdom of Italy onto Luigi Ignazio Albergati Capacelli. In part (translated): “Having reserved for Us…the right to give the titles that we would think convenient to those among our subjects who distinguished themselves for services rendered to the State: and knowing the zeal and fidelity that our dear and beloved Mr. Luigi Albergati showed us in several occasions…We allow the said Mr. Albergati to qualify and call himself Baron of Our Kingdom in any documents and contracts, in court as anywhere else…He may wear everywhere his Armorial Bearings and Livery We assign him with the present: The Baron Albergati wears a rectangle above divided in two, the first blue with a silver stripe bordered in red, second of the Barons taken from the administrative Bodies which is red with a wall bordered in silver. Below an armed porcupine. Above all a large electoral form of black velvet with squirrel fur hem with silver feather holding three white feathers, accompanied by two silver leaves in the two sides of the shield and lined in green.” A beautifully hand-painted rendering of the crest of the newly-minted title, as described in the document, is present in the lower right. Attractively matted and framed to an overall size of 26 x 19.5. Intersecting folds and scattered creases and soiling, otherwise fine condition.

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