Hindenburg Items Recovered from the deadly dirigible disaster

07 Mar

Collection of five items, including three relics recovered after the 1937 crash. Items are: a charred gentleman’s collapsible travel razor in metal case, measuring 2 x 1.25 x .75; a charred set of spare razor blades in metal case measuring 2 x 1 x .25; and a remnant of a die, possibly Bakelite, from a pair of dice, heavily chipped. Six dot side, most of two dot side and half of three, four and five dot sides present, with separate remnant of one dot side. All three relics were recovered from the May 6, 1937, crash site by a Lakehurst firefighter. Also included are: an in-flight ALS on a 5.5 x 3.5 picture postcard of the Hindenburg dining room, dated June 21, 1936. Postcard reads, “A remarkable crossing. Very spacious public rooms & staterooms. Two floors of passenger accommodations. Perfect weather, no vibration & steady as a rock. Now flying about 1000 ft above the water. Go over Ireland tonight.”; and an unused color 4 x 7 luggage label from the German Zeppelin Shipping Company with spaces to fill in “personal information and bed number.” In fine condition, with aforementioned expected charring and damage to relics. Previously sold at Bonham’s: San Francisco, 2008.

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