Bruce Lee Personal Check August 6, 1970

27 Apr

Personal check, 6 x 2.75, filled out and signed by Lee, “Bruce Lee,” payable to Lerman & Son for $32.71, August 6, 1970. In fine condition, with expected bank stamps and cancellation holes (trivially affecting the first letter of the signature). Lerman & Son was an orthotics and prosthetics company in Los Angeles that produced medical braces for various ailments including injuries to the back, neck, arms, and legs. During the summer of 1970, Lee sustained damage to the fourth sacral nerve in his back while attempting to perform an exercise using a 135-pound barbell—roughly his own body weight at the time. Doctors speculated that he would never be able to practice martial arts again. While confined to a bed he began compiling notebooks full of his ideas on jeet kune do—ranging from technique to philosophy—which was published posthumously as Tao of Jeet Kune Do, now the best-selling martial arts book of all-time. Lee began training again after about six months of rest. Contrary to doctors’ opinions—and likely with the aid of a Lerman & Son brace—he returned to martial arts at full capacity within a year. Not only an extremely rare autographic piece, this check represents Lee’s incredible recovery fueled by his strong will to overcome. Pre-certified PSA/DNA.

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