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RR Autograph Auctions Alvin Karpis Signed Letters and Photos

RR Autograph Auctions Alvin Karpis Signed Letters and

RR Autograph Auctions Alvin Karpis Signed Letters and Photos


Thief, bankrobber, kidnapper, and bootlegger (1907–1979) nicknamed ‘The Rat’ by J. Edgar Hoover. Collection of six items consisting of three TLSs, two signed “Alvin Karpis,” and one signed “Al,” two one-page and one two-page, dated from October and November of 1969, all three to noted bank robber Frank Sawyer, shortly after Sawyer’s release from prison for a robbery he didn’t commit. One letter reads, in part: “It would be easy to just disappear but that would solve nothing for you. Perhaps that D. A. was hoping that you would hit the panic button and go on the lam, he then would be able to say; ‘See, I told you so.’ Frank, play it cool, you have made it now and there is no reason for you to ever get in trouble again. I am sure that your attorneys will see to it that you wind up with enough to keep you comfortable from here on out.” Another letter, dated November 27, reads, in part: “You can rest assured that Mr. Belli will see to it that you are not put back in prison. He will make them all look just like the dirty bastards they are, the D. A. and the judge that went along with old senile bastard in this…Frank, you will wind up the winner all the way around by the time it is all over with. As a matter of fact this petty persecution will work out in your favor if you play it cool and do not attempt to lam. You have nothing to run away from but those bastards do. They are going to outsmart themselves and Belli will wind up picking up all the marbles.” Karpis also discusses the difficulty in adjusting to life outside of prison, a television appearance he made, and about Sawyer’s potential relocation to Canada or Mexico. Also included are three glossy photos of Karpis arriving in Canada after his deportation, two 8.25 x 6 and one 6 x 8.25, each signed and inscribed in silver ink to Sawyer from Karpis. In fine condition, with scattered mild toning to letters. Sawyer was imprisoned for over two decades for the 1933 Fort Scott robbery. He was finally pardoned in September of 1969 after a signed statement from Karpis cleared Sawyer’s name.

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