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Edgar Mitchell’s Apollo 14 Flown Heel Restraints

Pair of flown heel restraints carried on the Apollo 14 mission, each consisting of a metal heel bracket with heavy duty brown Velcro stirrup straps. Parts tags are sewn to the longest strap on each restraint, one reading: “Heel Restraint L.H., BW-1053-001, S/N: 1142, Date of Mfg: 8/21/69, Mfg. by: B. Welson Co.” The other tag reads: “Heel Restraint R.H., BW-1053-002, S/N: 1140, Date of Mfg: 8/21/69, Mfg. by: B. Welson Co.” In overall fine condition, with some light stains to the tags. Accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Mitchell, in part: “This document certifies that the accompanying set of heel restraints were flown into lunar orbit aboard Kittyhawk on the Apollo 14 mission, which launched from Cape Kennedy on January 31, 1971.” These heel restraints locked the astronauts’ feet in place for safety during liftoff of the Saturn V rocket from Earth. If the astronauts were not tightly restrained in their couches during the launch phase, the violent motion induced from extreme acceleration could result in injury. As an important piece of safety equipment used during the mission that followed the near-disastrous Apollo 13, this pair of restraints is an important and extraordinary artifact of manned spaceflight.


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Edgar Mitchell’s Apollo 14 Lunar Bible Text Fragment

One of only 32 dual-certified Lunar Bible 50-Page ‘Text-Fragments’ presented in a modern Faberge Egg. The iconic ‘Lunar Bible’ represents the first Bible, the first complete scripture, and indeed the first true book ever carried by Man to landfall on another celestial world. A complete Lunar Bible contains all 1,245 pages of the King James Bible, and was printed as a ‘Microform’ tablet (the only format possible for flight to the lunar surface). One hundred identical complete copies of the Lunar Bible landed on the Moon during Apollo 14 within the personal ‘PPK’ bag of moonwalker Edgar D. Mitchell, after having been previously flown to the Moon aboard the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission. After the mission, a small number were segmented into both 50-page and 2-page sizes by Reverend John M. Stout to maximize the potential number of recipients. The accompanying 50-page copy is one of only 32-examples that were officially flight-certified by both Mitchell and James W. Stout of the former ‘Apollo Prayer League Governing Committee’ during the ‘Lunar Bible Certification Project’ of 2000 and 2001, and then encapsulated within modern Faberge Eggs. Accompanied by a two-page certificate of authenticity signed by Mitchell and Stout, housed within a nice leather-like presentation folder. This lot is of profound significance not only to the space community as a twice-flown and once-landed lunar artifact, but also to the religious, rare book, and Masonic communities (Edgar Mitchell is a freemason). Several of the 32 copies are already permanently off the market, with an example having been acquired by the State of Georgia for their rare-book holdings, and two more in the personal space collection of Edgar Mitchell and James W. Stout. Another 50-page example is on indefinite loan to the Atlanta Masonic Library and Museum, and more of these precious few Faberge examples may become permanently institutionalized and unavailable to collectors in coming years. You may read ‘The Story of the First Lunar Bible’ at

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