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Dee Dee Ramone personally owned and stage used Fender bass guitar

Dee Dee Ramone’s personally-owned and stage-used bass guitar. Fender Precision bass, #S917607, made in the mid-1980s, and purchased by Dee Dee after the theft of the band’s equipment, the guitar shows silicone remnants around the pick-ups, applied by Dee Dee himself, to prevent himself getting shocked due to his heavy perspiration. Signed on the white pickguard in black felt tip by Ramone. Dee Dee can be seen playing this very guitar on the Ramones ‘It’s Alive 1974–1976’ DVD during a performance at the Old Grey Whistle Test in London on February 26, 1985, a copy of which accompanies the guitar. In very good condition, with rusted pickguard screws, some rusting to the bridge saddles and polepieces, both knobs detached (one of which is included), expected wear to neck and body, and aforementioned residue around pickups.

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