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RR Auction Edward Drinker Cope Signed Carte-de-Visite Portrait

RR Auctions  Edward Drinker CopeNoted American paleontologist and comparative anatomist (1840–1897) who founded the Neo-Lamarckism school of thought. The intense competition to discover new fossils between Cope and his rival, Othniel Charles Marsh, has become known as the ‘Bone Wars’ or ‘Great Dinosaur Rush.’ Original 2.5 x 4 carte-de-visite portrait of Cope with one of his fossilized skulls, by J. W. Hurn of Philadelphia, signed on the reverse in black ink, “Edw. D. Cope, please exchange,” identifying the fossil as that of “Loxolophodon cornutus.” In fine condition, with light overall toning. A telegram from Cope published by the American Philosophical Society indicates that he discovered the fossil in southern Wyoming on or about August 17, 1872. RR Auction COA.


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