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Gemini 5 Flown eye test date card

Flown eye test date card carried on board Gemini 5. Double-sided laminated card measures 1.5 x 2.5 and was for the “In-flight Visual Acuity Experiment S-8/D-13,” performed by Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper. Conrad’s side of the card is filled out during the seventh revolution, one day and 15 minutes into the flight, with Conrad getting “8 wrong.” Cooper took the test on the same day, five minutes earlier than Conrad and got “12 wrong.” Card is presented on a 4.5 x 15.5 x 2.5 walnut base with informational plaques on both sides. Accompanied by an original NASA manual for the experiment, signed on the front cover in black ink, “Charles Conrad, Jr., Gemini V, Plt.” In fine condition. Also accompanied by a photocopy of an October 19, 1972, story from the Galveston Daily News about the card and the government’s investigation of the ownership. This represents one of the first attempts by the government to reclaim a flown artifact that was in the possession of an astronaut, in this case, Gordon Cooper, who gifted the eye chart to his friend. Any flown experiments, particularly with recorded data, are quite desirable. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli.

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