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RR Auctions Jacques-Louis David French master of the Neoclassical style

RR Auctions Jacques-Louis David

French master of the Neoclassical style (1748–1825). Rare ALS in French, signed “David,” one page, 7.25 x 9, August 9, 1790. Written to the Count d’Anguilliers, keeper of the King’s buildings, who had purchased David’s famous early panting ‘Belisaire demandant l’aumône,’ executed in 1780. A response from the recipient is written in the upper right corner, which reads: “Sir My pupil, Mr. Condé, has asked you through Mr. Poncet the permission to engrave my painting of Belisaire. You were considerate enough, Sir, to only grant it if I also gave my formal agreement. I am touched by your kind attention, and I haste to join these gentlemen in asking you to use at their fullest your proprietary rights. It is now left to me to thank them for the opportunity they same to confirm the respect I owe to you.” In fine condition, with central horizontal and vertical fold, and uniform mild toning. This letter was written one year after the storming of the Bastille, at an early stage of the French Revolution of which the painter was an early enthusiast. David had used intermediaries to obtain the Count’s permission to execute an engraving after his painting by his pupil, the etcher Jean Condé (who would die four years later). An interesting letter from a momentous period, referring to an important early work by a great master. RRAuction COA.


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