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Marilyn Monroe Signed Document 1952

Extraordinary DS signed “Marilyn Monroe,” and initialed ten times, “MM,” four pages, 8.5 x 11, October 7, 1952. An agreement between Monroe and Grove Productions, Inc., for her to “render…services as Guest Artist on the Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy radio program presently scheduled to be recorded on October 18, 1952. from the Columbia Broadcasting System studios in Hollywood.” The rider stapled to the last page is of particular interest, with Monroe agreeing that Bergen could cancel the contract “if I conducted or do conduct myself without due regard to public conventions and morals or have done or do anything which will tend to disgrace me in society or bring me into pubic disrepute, contempt, scorn or ridicule, or that will tend to schock [sic], insult or offend the community or public morals or decency or prejudice agency or sponsor or the entertainment industry in general.” Signed at the conclusion in blue ballpoint by Marilyn Monroe and Edgar Bergen, and initialed by both ten times throughout. Two riders making emendations are stapled within, and several areas of text are struck through and revised throughout the document, all of which required their initials for approval. In fine condition, with expected document wear.

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Marilyn Monroe Productions Inc signed business check

Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc., business check, 8.25 x 3, filled out in type and signed by Monroe, payable to May Reis for $104.72, November 20, 1959. Attractively double-matted and framed with a portrait of Monroe to an overall size of 18 x 25. In fine condition, with a central vertical fold and expected bank stamps (one very light stamp to the first letter of her last name. May Reis was Monroe’s longtime personal secretary and one of the beneficiaries named in her will. At the time she wrote this check, Marilyn was between projects—the classic Some Like It Hot had been released earlier in the year, and she would begin shooting Let’s Make Love in early 1960. Oversized. Pre-certified PSA/DNA.

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Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc Business Check Signed

Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. business check, 8 x 3, filled out in type and signed by Monroe, payable to Simon Stationery for $15.42, October 21, 1959. Matted and framed with three color photos of Marilyn at the beach to an overall size of 30.5 x 15. In fine condition, with cancellation holes and stamps to body, one touching a single stroke of the signature. Oversized. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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Marilyn Monroe promissory note royalties from Some Like It Hot

DS, one page, 8.25 x 3.25, September 14, 1961. Promissory note filled out in type. In full: “On January 5, 1962, I promise to pay to the order of United Artists Corporation Twenty-Five Thousand—00/00 Dollars at 729 Seventh Avenue, New York 19, New York Value received with interest at 4 percent per annum.” Signed at the conclusion in black ballpoint by Monroe. In fine condition, with a rusty paperclip mark to the left edge and some skipping to ink in the signature, rendering it a shade light. Accompanied by a TLS sent to Monroe by attorney Aaron R. Frosch enclosing the document, as well as a copy of Monroe’s statement submitted to United Artists Corporation to deduct the amount from proceeds due to her on January 5, 1962. These forthcoming royalties were for the 1959 classic comedy Some Like It Hot, for which United Artists Corporation was the distributor. A remarkable document related to one of her greatest films, dating to the year prior to her tragic death. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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Gentleman Prefer Blondes Marilyn Monroe personally used and notated script

Monroe’s personally-used and -notated script for the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The incomplete script, 68 pages total, is titled on the cover “26 November 1952, ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ (Revised Final Script…13 Nov. 1952),” with a typed message at the bottom instructing secretaries to insert these pages in the back of their scripts. The majority of the parts for Monroe’s character Lorelei Lee have been circled in pencil or blue ballpoint, with approximately 22 pages annotated in various inks and pencil in Monroe’s hand with amendments and additions to the script and notes on how she proposes to deliver lines and portray Lorelei’s character. Notes include:

p. 56—the scene during which Beekman finds Lorelei stuck in Malone’s porthole, next to Lorelei’s line ‘Oh yes, tea with Lady Beekman. Why, she must of forgot. She didn’t show up,’ with Monroe adding an alternative line, “Well, I just wanted to see the view. It’s better from here”

p. 58—Monroe changes the line ‘Piggie, will you run down to my cabin and get my purse,’ to “Maybe I should have that Sherry – will you get me some”

p. 79—Monroe has written a note to herself in the margin “Feeling that feeds the words, know the lines, go over it intelligently”

p. 92— “sense the feeling with the body”

p. 94—”grit my teeth and forget it must have my,” “all of feeling in my works,” and “build pull back, don’t stop spiritual conflict between partners.” The following page (95) although bearing no notations, features the scene for Monroe’s classic musical number ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.’

In very good to fine condition, with expected handling wear, soiling, and creasing, and some small edge tears and dampstaining to cover page.

Marilyn’s amazing personal notations in this script reveal her private thought processes and well-documented fleeting self confidence. On set, she was shadowed by her distracting acting coach Natasha Lytess, constantly striving for her approval and insisting on retakes even when director Howard Hawks had already approved. Co-star Jane Russell looked after Marilyn on set and was often one of the only people able to coax her out of her trailer during her bouts of self doubt. Despite her anxieties, it was the role of Lorelei Lee that perfected her ‘dumb blonde’ persona—a genius mixture of comedy and sexiness only Marilyn could pull off. Though seemingly lighthearted on screen, she took her acting very seriously, as evidenced with heartfelt notes in the margins such as those on page 79, “Feeling that feeds the words, know the lines, go over it intelligently.” Monroe biographer Donald Spoto once said: ‘She put a twist on sexiness. It was not something wicked and shameful…it was something which was terribly funny. And Marilyn enjoyed it.’ An exceptionally profound piece of Hollywood history. Provenance: Christies: June, 2006. RR Auction COA.

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Marilyn Monroe Signed matchbook Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas

Colorful embossed matchbook from the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, measuring 4 x 2 open, signed across the covers in blue ballpoint by Monroe. In fine condition. A very uncommon format from a resort with a longtime association to Hollywood, possibly from one of the actress’s visits to Vegas near the end of her career. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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Marilyn Monroe Bank Check

Bank check, 6 x 2.5, filled out and signed by Monroe, payable to Cash for $10.00, September 12, 1953. Reverse is endorsed by Monroe’s hairdresser, Gladys McAllister. In fine condition, with stamps and cancellation holes to body, with show-through from a stamp on reverse. At the time of cutting this check, Monroe was in the final weeks of filming River of No Return, having returned to Los Angeles from Calgary, Alberta, where she injured her ankle and wound up in a cast. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA



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