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Skylab I Flown Weather Map

Flown world weather map, used in the pre-launch briefing for Skylab I, and carried on board the mission. Color map measures 38 x 13.75, with “Skylab Weather Briefing Chart (NWB) 3, Edition 1 July 1972,” printed in the border, and hand-done felt tip details of all major weather fronts, areas of rain, and high and low pressures done by a NASA employee, with multiple notations in the left and bottom borders. Signed in the right border, “Used at our pre-launch weather briefing and carried in the SL-2 CM during the Skylab I mission. Paul Weitz, PLT.” In fine condition, with previous storage folds. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Weitz, which states that this is “a flown world weather chart…that I chose to bring back to Earth upon completion of our mission…I have signed and inscribed the right edge of the map as flown and it has been in my personal collection since our mission during May and June of 1973.” Also included is a photo of Weitz holding the chart. Launch day preparation included a detailed briefing on the weather, not just of the immediate launch area, but of the entire world. This was necessary due to the possibilities of a launch abort, off-course flight path, or early re-entry, which could have placed the crew almost anywhere on the planet. Fortunately the chart was not needed, and Weitz and his crew spent 28 days in orbit. Pre-certified Steve Zarelli.

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