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RR Auctions Titanic December 2012

RR Auctions Titanic December 2012

Sail with RRAuction Live on December 15, 2012 as we launch our second sale of Titanic memorabilia featuring many unique and important lots including: assistant surgeon Dr. Edward Simpson’s official request to be assigned to Titanic; poignant letter signed by second officer Charles Lightoller describing Dr. Simpson’s last moments and final words following the disaster which brought his life to an abrupt end; an amazing handwritten letter from Macy’s department store owner Isidor Straus discussing his upcoming voyage on Titanic; tools used to build the ship in Belfast; personal effects such as a signet ring and a key found on the bodies of Titanic victims; a lounge chair–not only from the deck of the Titanic on her maiden voyage–but also from the deck of the rescue ship Carpathia never before auctioned; a postcard from Titanic’s chief radio officer Jack Phillips, who perished, written from Southampton just prior to the maiden voyage; an amazing collection of over two hundred contemporary Titanic postcards, some extremely rare and many assembled around the time of the disaster; a stunning oversized contemporary photograph of an iceberg most likely the one responsible for Titanic’s demise; an on-board Titanic letter; original photographs of Titanic’s crew and passengers, official correspondence from White Star Line; wreckwood recovered at the scene; a plaque removed from one of Titanic’s lifeboats by a Carpathia passenger and much, much more. If you are a serious collector of Titanic memorabilia,or a novice wishing to start a collection, you will not want to miss the boat for what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This auction is truly a collector’s dream!


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