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Civil War US Model 1860 Cavalry Saber

The 35″ blade is marked “U.S. / J.M. / 1864” and on the opposite side of the ricasso is “EMERSON / & / SILVER / TRENTON / N.J.” The markings are in excellent condition. The blade has been cleaned to bright with some large patches of faint to fine pinprick pitting. The blade has not been sharpened and there are no nicks in the edge. The blade washer is still present. The brass guard has an attractive mustard brown patina with the underside retaining original bright gilding. The grip retains all of the original wire binding and the leather wrap shows almost no wear. The steel scabbard is gray with a little scattered dark age spotting and two minor dents. RR Auction COA.

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Confederate Civil War Canteen

This is a classic style drum canteen with wooden staves bound by strap iron bands. The canteen is 7.5″ in diameter and 2.25″ thick with a separately carved wood spout. We do not know the type of wood, but the color is great with the sides being a dark reddish-brown with some black striping. One side has a 2.25″ crack at the edge that is tight with no missing wood. The iron straps have a dark patina with even light pitting and one of the three retaining loops for a carry strap is missing. One side of the canteen is neatly carved “CHS. F. WALDRON / CO. C. 24TH REGT. ME. VOLS / PORT HUDSON, / L.A. / JULY 8TH, 1863.” Included information from internet databases indicates that Charles F. Waldron of Canaan, Maine, was 20 years old when he enlisted as a sergeant in ‘C’ Co., 24th Maine Infantry, on October 13, 1862. This was a nine-month regiment that served in Louisiana. The regiment participated in the entire siege of the Confederate stronghold at Port Hudson during May and June of 1863. Battle casualties were almost nil, however 190 officers and men died of disease in the few short months they were in the south. The regiment left Port Hudson on July 24, 1863 (only a few days after the inscription on this canteen, perhaps accounting for the wonderful condition, as Sergeant Waldron took it directly home). The regiment arrived in Augusta, Maine, on August 6 and mustered out of service on August 25, 1863. A custom wood display stand is included. An excellent addition to any Civil War collection. RR Auction COA.

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Civil War Sharps Model 1863 Percussion Carbine

Serial number C.29758, caliber .52. This breechloading cavalry carbine fired a linen wrapped cartridge utilizing a Sharps pellet primer fed automatically from a magazine contained in the lockplate. This has a 22″ round barrel with a matching serial number and a bright six groove bore having even fine pitting for the last two inches at the muzzle. The left side of the chamber has clear inspector’s initials “M.N.M.” The left side of the buttstock under the sling bar has two partially legible inspectors’ cartouches. The belly of the buttstock has a legibly stamped rack number “77” and several scribed ‘scorekeeping’ lines. All of the metal has a gray patina with very fine pinprick pitting on the barrel, lever, and lower tang (two of the tang screws with medium pitting). All of the factory lettering on the frame and lockplate is in fine condition, the barrel markings are only partially legible. The stocks show normal light handling marks and several small dings in the buttstock. The pellet priming mechanism is complete and the lock works well. The original sling ring is present and is wrapped in old twine to cut down on noise. This is a late model 1863 and was made without a patchbox. RR Auction COA.

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RR Auctions Civil War Bullets

RR Auctions Civil War BulletsFive Civil War-era bullets, one still housed in its jacket, all framed together to an overall size of 4.75 x 5. In very good overall condition. RR Auction COA.






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RR Auction 1887 N99 Civil War Battle Scenes’ Tobacco Cards

RR auction Civil War BattlesComplete set of 25 1887 N99 ‘Battle Scenes’ tobacco cards distributed by G. W. Gail & Ax, each approximately 4 x 2.5, depicting many of the most famous battles of the war in colorful and detailed illustrations. In overall very good to fine condition, with various slight rounding to corners or trivial soiling. RR Auction COA.


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Civil War U. S. Military Issue Colt 1860 Percussion Revolver

RR Auction Civil War U. S. Military Issue Colt 1860 Percussion Revolver

Serial #108518, caliber .44 with an 8″ round barrel having a fine, bright bore. All serial numbers match, including the wedge. The revolver is in fine working order with the exception of a weak bolt spring (an inexpensive and easily replaced part). The major metal parts have single or double letters stamps of government inspectors, the one piece walnut grip has lightly worn but very legible government inspector’s cartouches, “J. T.,” and “W. H. R.” The cylinder retains 98% of the naval engagement scene with a tiny bit of pinprick pitting, all other factory markings are in excellent condition. About 40% of the original military blue finish remains, mixing with plum patina. The frame, hammer, and loading lever case colors are dark, but most of them remain. The grip has a few very small chips missing from the butt; overall condition is fine. The included Colt factory letter indicates that this was one of 1,000 similar revolvers shipped on April 1, 1863, to the New York Arsenal on Governor’s Island.

This is an antique revolver and will transfer with no Federal restrictions. RR Auction COA.

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RR Autograph Auction 57 Signed Items Civil War to World War II Scrapbook

RR Autograph Auction ScrapbookInteresting scrapbook, 10 x 12, containing approximately 57 signed items from military figures ranging from the Civil War to World War II, consisting primarily of ink signatures on individual affixed cards along with a few letters. Signers include: Fitz John Porter, Oliver O. Howard, William S. Rosecrans, Frederick D. Grant, John J. Pershing, George Marshall, Douglas MacArthur, George Dewey, William Halsey, Jr., Chester Nimitz, and Fitzhugh Lee. Signed items in overall fine condition, with various scattered toning; scrapbook in very good condition, with various loose and clipped pages.

Signers include: Charles Badger, Earl Beatty, Henry W. Benham, John C. Breckinridge, Robert Bullard, Mark W. Clark, James B. Clay, George Dewey, Armando Diaz, Robley D. Evans, Fred Fanston (2), F. F. Fletcher, John B. Gordon, F. D. Grant, A. W. Greely, Charles Vernon Gridley, William F. Halsey, Richmond Pearson Hobson, O. O. Howard, Ernest J. King, Fitzhugh Lee, Stephen Lee, William Lilley, Arthur MacArthur, Douglas MacArthur, William Mahone, Peyton C. March, George C. Marshall, Nelson A. Miles, Chester W. Nimitz, John J. Pershing, John Pope, David D. Porter, Fitz John Porter, Horace Porter, J. C. Robinson, Hugh Rodman, William S. Rosencrans, William T. Sampson, Winfoeld S. Schley, Hugh L. Scott, Franz Sigel, William Sims, Alex P. Stewart, Leonard Wood, and S. B. M. Young. RR Auction COA.


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RR Auctions Battles and Leaders of the Civil War

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War



Four hardcover volumes of Battles and Leaders of the Civilian War, The Century Company, De Vinne Press, New York, published 1884–1889. In very good condition, with light toning, loose, but intact hinges, and the expected wear to the covers and spines. RRAuction COA.

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RR Auctions 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War Years

RR Auction is proud to announce their first Civil War themed auction in March. This compelling array of more than 470 items— that offer an intensely comprehensive look into some of the key figures in our country’s most bloody conflict; letters, photos, and exemplary artifacts meld together to tell the harrowing story of our nation’s most defining war. Esteemed notables such as Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, “Stonewall” Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Mary Todd Lincoln, and the assassin who sealed the crushing, woeful fate of one of America’s most beloved presidents, John Wilkes Booth, have all been drawn together, once again, to tell their story.

This exceptional arrangement of Confederate and Union memorabilia, including pieces from George Custer, J. E. B. Stuart, William T. Sherman, and George B. McClellan, plus an array of uncommon Civil War-era weapons and other artifacts will be available for bidding March 15 – March 22. For additional details,


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