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RR Auction William T. Sherman Official Copy Field Order #65

RR Auction William T. ShermanA rare official copy of General Sherman’s Field Order #65, in pencil, made by a Confederate adjutant general, three pages on two adjoining sheets, 4.5 x 7.5, April 27, 1865. Headed at the top “Head Qurs Military Div of the Miss, In the field, Raleigh, N.C.” In full: “The General commanding announces a further suspension of hostilities and a final agreement with Gen. Johnston which terminates the war as to the armies under his command and the country east of the Chattahoochee. Copies of the terms of convention will be furnished Major-Gens. Schofield, Gillmore, and Wilson, who are specially charged with the South and at Macon and Western Georgia.

Capt. Joseph Myers, Ordnance Department USA, is hereby designated to receive the arms, &c., at Greensboro, and any commanding officer of a post may receive the arms of any detachment and see that they are properly stored and accounted for.

Genl. Schofield will receive at once the necessary blanks and supply the other army commanders that uniformity may prevail and great care must be taken that all terms and stipulations on our part are fulfilled with the most scrupulous fidelity, whilst those imposed on our hitherto enemies be received in a spirit becoming a brave and generous army.

Army commanders may at once loan to the inhabitants such of the captured mules, horses, wagons and vehicles as can be spared from immediate use and the Comdg Generals of armies may issue provisions, animals or any public supplies that can be spared to relieve present wants and to encourage the inhabitants to renew their peaceful pursuits and restore relations of friendship among our fellow-citizens and countrymen.

Foraging will forthwith cease, and when necessity or long marches compel the taking of forage, provisions or any kind of private property, compensation will be made on the spot, or when the disbursing officers are not provided with funds, vouchers will be given in proper form payable at the nearest military department. By order of Maj. Genl. W. T. Sherman, Sgd L. M. Dayton A.A.J.” Also noted at the conclusion, “Official, Robt. Grant AAG.”

In good to very good condition, with fragile central horizontal and vertical folds, a few small fold separations and areas of paper loss, dampstaining extending out from folds and edges, uniform moderate toning, and all writing a shade or two light, but completely legible.

Following Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Sherman met with Johnston in Durham, North Carolina, to negotiate a Confederate surrender. Sherman conditionally agreed to generous terms with both political and military provisions. Displeased that Sherman had waded into the political aspect of the war’s outcome, the government in Washington refused to approve his agreement, and Sherman was pilloried by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who accused him of accepting bribes to side with the Confederates and allow Jefferson Davis to escape. Peace was finally negotiated on April 26, 1865, when Johnston agreed to strictly military terms of surrender in what was the largest capitulation of the war. An extraordinary document marking the close of the Civil War. Pre-certified John Reznikoff/PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.


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RR Autograph Auction William T. Sherman Riggs and Co. Bank Check

RR Autograph Auctions William T. ShermanRiggs and Co. bank check, 7.25 x 2.75, filled out and signed by Sherman, “W. T. Sherman,” payable to V. G. Fischer for $4.16, July 26, 1882. Triple-matted and framed with a portrait of Sherman and a small plaque to an overall size of 21.75 x 14.5. In fine condition, with cancellation cut to center of check, and a second crisp cancellation touching a couple letters of signature. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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RR Auctions William T. Sherman Riggs & Co. Bank Check

RR Auctions William T. ShermanRiggs & Co. bank check, 7.5 x 2.75, filled out and signed by Sherman, “W. T. Sherman,” payable to Col. J. M. Bacon for $40.00, September 9, 1882. Endorsed by Bacon on the reverse, “Jno. M. Bacon.” In fine condition, with mild toning to the borders, expected cancellation cuts repaired on the reverse, slightly affecting the signature, and a trivial ding to the left edge. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.

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RR Autograph Auctions William T. Sherman

RR Autograph Auctions William T. Sherman

ALS signed “W. T. Sherman, General,” four pages on two adjoining sheets, 5 x 7.25, Headquarters Army of the United States letterhead, April 2, 1870. Letter to General C. S. Hamilton, US Marshal in Milwaukee. In part: “It is pleasant to realize that some people think of the old Army with some degree of affection and respect, though, it may avail little with those who hold our future in their hand. With them the truth is secondary—the temporary effort is all they care for. The Cry of Economy must be sustained whether there be real Economy or not. The good of the Army, or permanent good of the Country are as nothing on comparison with some specious promise to be used in some local election. I regret always to be drawn into Controversy, but it is sometimes forced on me, and I cannot without Cowardice avoid it. I suppose I do not manifest that deep sense of inferiority in the persons of members of Congress that claim as the Law makers—but my notion was & is that whilst the aggregate we are commanded to respect them. As individuals they are no better or worse than their individual arts demonstrate.” Matted and framed (so both sides may be viewed) with an engraved portrait of Sherman to an overall size of 24 x 15. In very good condition, with horizontal fold passing through signature, scattered toning to first and last page, and a few stray ink marks. Provenance: Christies Sale 2361, December 3, 2010.

In 1870, Sherman was serving as the General of the Army in Washington, D.C., where he was harassed by John Logan, a congressman from Illinois and fellow officer during the Civil War. Logan sought revenge against Sherman for denying him the command of the Army of Tennessee, and introduced a bill in early 1870 that would have lowered Sherman’s income by a third and reduced the number of officers in the army, among other draconian measures. In his fiery speeches, Logan attacked career officers and the military academy, and criticized the killing of Indian women by soldiers. “Had I not been here,” Sherman wrote from Washington, “I am sure Logan would have hit the Regular Army and West Point a fatal blow.” But Sherman failed to completely stave off congressional attacks on the military. As of January 1, 1871, Congress lowered the pay of the military’s top brass, cutting Sherman’s salary by $1,500. After the pay cut, Sherman desired to leave Washington for St. Louis, but Grant convinced him to stay. A remarkable letter in which Sherman unsparingly expresses his famous disdain for Washington politics. Pre-certified PSA/DNA and RR Auction COA.


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